iPhone 14: Apple consolidates two-tier society

iPhone 14: Apple consolidates two-tier society

The new iPhone 13 consolidates Apple's existing strategy of a "two-class society" with its own cell phones. Even with the iPhone 14, which will be released in 2022, this should not change, as a current report suggests - not all customers get fast displays with 120 Hz again.

iPhone 14: Not all versions of the Apple smartphone have 120 Hz support

One could have expected it, because only the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max have now been designed by Apple with the 120 Hz ProMotion display. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini have to do without. According to a current report , Apple will not change this with the iPhone 14 in 2022 either, because at least one new cell phone will continue to use a "normal" LTPS OLED screen, but not the more recent LTPO OLED screens, which, as already mentioned, will use a Support refresh rates of up to 120 Hz (Source: The Elec).

Apple obviously wants to maintain the already established two-class society. Anyone who hoped to get the pro feature on the cheap model next year will be disappointed. Anyone who wants 120 Hz from Apple will have to dig deeper into their pockets in the future. Otherwise there is only an LTPS display with 60 Hz.

But how certain is the forecast? The hit rate of "The Elec" has been quite good so far, for example, the iPad Pro with a LiDAR scanner was correctly predicted last year. Ergo: The report is therefore not so completely absurd, also because the recognized display expert Ross Young said something similar before.

What good is 120 Hz again? In the video the explanation follows:

Apple's new iPhone models for fall 2022

Four models of the iPhone 14 are expected again in 2022, but the mini will probably be out of the portfolio. The rumor mill accordingly proclaims these models:

iPhone 14 with 6.1-inch display iPhone 14 Max with 6.7-inch display iPhone 14 Pro with 6.1-inch display iPhone 14 Pro Max with 6.7-inch display

The standard model will definitely have to do without the faster ProMotion display. Whether this also applies to the Max version (without Pro) cannot yet be said one hundred percent - but we would rather count on it.


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