iPhone 13: Apple gives Pro users the choice

iPhone 13: Apple gives Pro users the choice

The Pro versions of the new iPhone 13 are finally getting the long-awaited ProMotion display. But can this also be switched off? Quite a few users are likely to ask themselves this question. So they will be all the more pleased about the answer.

iPhone 13: 120 Hz display can be deactivated in Pro versions

The new ProMotion display in the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) is smoother than any screen in all previous Apple phones. The LTPO-OLED allows a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz . So far, the limit was only 60 frames per second, a limitation that finally falls with the two Pro versions of the iPhone 13. But can the feature also be deactivated?

You can, a screenshot on Twitter already provides the pleasant answer. The necessary switch can be found in the operating aids for the settings. If desired, the frame rate can be limited (shown in the picture as "Limit Frame Rate"). Apple therefore gives pro users the choice and does not patronize them, as is often criticized (source: The Tech Chap on Twitter).

Open question: Is that really how you save more electricity?

There is also one hope associated with the newly found option: save electricity. It is well known that a display with a faster frame rate requires more energy. The lower the frequency, the less electricity is required. One reason for the great energy hunger of various Android smartphones, which previously boasted a 120 Hz display and then rather disappointed in terms of battery performance.

But Apple does it differently. The LTPO display in the iPhone 13 Pro is dynamic. The frame rate adapts to the image content. A website only needs a few image changes per second, a game, on the other hand, a lot more.

The iPhone 13 Pro or the screen automatically regulates how high the frequency is at the end. This means that electricity is never used unnecessarily. A concept that works, because of all 120 Hz cell phones, the iPhone 13 Pro Max recently took the top spot in terms of energy saving - none of them last longer.

iPhone 13 (mini) vs. iPhone 13 Pro (Max) - the differences are highlighted in the video :

In this respect, the question arises whether you can save additional electricity by limiting the refresh rate to a maximum of 60 Hz ? A real answer can only be given by a test in the future. But we guess: It depends. If you use apps with a faster frame rate, the setting should have an impact on the battery performance. On the other hand, if you only surf the Internet and write or read messages, you probably don't benefit from the limitation of the frame rate.


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