iPhone 12S no longer an issue: Apple s decision has probably been made

iPhone 12S no longer an issue: Apple s decision has probably been made

The whole world is talking about the iPhone 13, but is that what Apple's latest smartphone is really called? There are many concerns about this, but now the decision has probably been made - the iPhone 12S is no longer an issue.

Apple's nomenclature for the iPhone is anything but consistent. It is numbered consecutively, but not conclusively . We remember, for example, the iPhone 5s or the iPhone XS. If the update is one number smaller, Apple likes to use the "letter expansion". But not always either, the iPhone 8, for example, was more like an iPhone 7s, if we're to be honest.

iPhone 13 instead of iPhone 12S: Apple's case provides information

Corresponding assumptions also haunt the rumor mill with regard to the coming iPhone generation, aside from the iPhone 13, an iPhone 12S (or 12s) is mentioned. It's still not clear what Apple will go for - until now. A video on Twitter allegedly shows the silicone case of the "iPhone 13 Pro Max" . It can also be read on the packaging (source: originally @ PinkDon1, now removed). It looks pretty authentic and would end all name speculation for good.

If it is true, an iPhone 12S is no longer worth mentioning and we can simply continue to use the cherished term "iPhone 13". Of course, this is not yet one hundred percent secure, and counterfeiting cannot be completely ruled out. However, the original source has now deleted the video, perhaps not entirely voluntarily? Several times in the past, Apple asserted its own rights accordingly. It cannot be ruled out that this also happened in this case.

Whatever it is called, the new iPhone will definitely benefit from the features of iOS 15 shown in the video:

Apple event expected in mid-September

There are currently a lot of arguments in favor of a product presentation on September 14, 2021. Then at the latest we will find out which number from the large set of figures Apple ultimately decided on. At xiaomist, we don't accept bets, because you have to be active elsewhere.


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