iPhone 12 instead of iPhone 13? Those who want to save are making a big mistake

iPhone 12 instead of iPhone 13? Those who want to save are making a big mistake

It sounds so plausible: Instead of buying the new iPhone 13, people prefer to use the iPhone 12 - after all, the predecessor is hardly worse and is now lower in price. But if you want to save in this way, you are overlooking an important detail. Advice from Kaan Gürayer.

This week, Apple finally dropped the proverbial cases and presented the iPhone 13 at its "California Streaming" event. This year, this will primarily put iPhone 11 owners under pressure, whose 24-month contracts are about to expire. The all-important question should then be: Buy the iPhone 12 and save some money or switch to the new iPhone 13?

The base of the iPhone 13 offers twice as much memory as the iPhone 12

At first glance, the answer should be clear, especially for bargain hunters: iPhone 12. After all, the new iPhone does not bring world-changing innovations and the price of its predecessor was reduced by Apple by 100 euros. The RRP is now 799 euros. For the iPhone 13, however, buyers have to put 899 euros on the table. All right, would you prefer to grab the iPhone 12? But it's not that simple after all .

If you take a closer look, you will discover a small but crucial detail: the memory equipment. The basic version of the iPhone 12 has 64 GB of memory on board. With the iPhone 13, however, Apple has doubled the base memory to 128 GB . This difference has to be taken into account when choosing between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Then the previous year's iPhone is only 50 euros cheaper:

iPhone 12 (with 128 GB storage) for 849 euros iPhone 13 (with 128 GB storage) for 899 euros

The highlights of the iPhone 13 in the video :

iPhone 13: Lots of small innovations that are worth the extra charge

None of the new features in the iPhone 13 are revolutionary. But the smaller notch, the brighter display, the improved camera, the stronger A15 processor and the 2.5 hours more battery life result in an overall upgrade that should be worth an extra 50 euros for the iPhone 12 .

I would definitely use the iPhone 13.


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