iPad mini 6: Apple deviates from the standard - for good reason

iPad mini 6: Apple deviates from the standard - for good reason

The new sixth generation iPad mini is expected this year. For the first time, Apple could deviate from a familiar standard with the small tablet and shift the position of two buttons. However, there is a good explanation for this unusual move.

iPad mini 6: Keys have to give way to Apple Pencil

So far, the volume control buttons have been on the side of the case on all iPads. For the first time, the upcoming iPad mini 6 could deviate from this standard and move the buttons to regulate the volume upwards . Presumed pictures of the new iPad mini suggest this rather unusual step. These apparently come from a case manufacturer that is not explicitly named and, along with other information, can currently be found on Twitter (source: Majin Bu).

But why should Apple have to move the keys at all? The conclusive explanation: Due to the smaller dimensions of the tablet, space has to be made for the Apple Pencil. It is known to be magnetically docked on the side and charged accordingly. The volume keys would then only be a hindrance and have to give way.

The great role model of the new, small iPad in the video:

A small iPad Air

Basically, however, the previous assumption of the rumor scene is confirmed: The iPad mini 6 is actually a scaled-down version of the well-known iPad Air - including a full-format display without a home button. A USB-C port, the Smart Connector and the aforementioned support for the Apple Pencil 2 are also included.

The previous predictions about the new design are probably correct:

However, you shouldn't expect a simultaneous presentation at the Apple event for the iPhone 13 (live stream from 7 p.m.). Industry insiders are more likely to expect a second Apple event, which will then focus on Mac and iPad innovations. Such an event could possibly take place in October or November .


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