Huawei: HarmonyOS gets a new function that every smartphone should have

Huawei: HarmonyOS gets a new function that every smartphone should have

Huawei developed HarmonyOS into an operating system that does a lot better than Google's Android operating system. This can also be seen in the new function that is now being distributed to all HarmonyOS smartphones after there were initially problems. It's about the health of the battery.

Huawei: HarmonyOS knows how good the phone's battery is

Many smartphone manufacturers do not reveal much information about the built-in battery. When Huawei announced a function some time ago and introduced it as a test, there was great enthusiasm. HarmonyOS can read out many details about the battery and provide information about the health of the energy storage device . After initial problems, the function is now being rolled out (source: GizChina).

There you can see, for example, how much capacity the battery still has. You can also read this value with other programs. With these, however, you never know whether the displayed values ​​are really correct. If Huawei integrates the function itself, the analysis of the battery takes place from the first start of the smartphone and you can see the entire life of the battery in the mobile phone.

Since the batteries in smartphones can no longer be changed, this information is extremely interesting for both the owner and a future buyer. Especially in times of fast-charging functions, which put more stress on the battery and wear out more quickly, every cell phone should actually have just such a function. An odometer for the battery, so to speak .

We watched HarmonyOS on the tablet in the video :

HarmonyOS as an update is still only available in China

The whole world is basically waiting for the release of HarmonyOS. Huawei already supports over 100 devices . Updates are currently only available in China. If you want to use HarmonyOS in Germany, you have to get a new product like the Huawei Watch 3 Pro (for testing) or the Huawei MatePad 11.


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