Honor turns up: China manufacturer overtakes Xiaomi and Apple

Honor turns up: China manufacturer overtakes Xiaomi and Apple

Honor had to be sold by Huawei in order to escape the US sanctions and to really get started in the smartphone market. The step was probably worth it. Last month, Honor even beat Xiaomi and Apple in the home market.

Honor lands in third place in China

Actually, one could assume that Xiaomi will take first place in smartphone sales in China. After all, the Chinese company ranks second in the world. In fact, other manufacturers rule in their home country who have not yet taken the lead in Europe. One thing is clear, Huawei is not of great importance here or there. Instead, other manufacturers are in demand and this now includes Honor (source: ChinaDaily).

The former Huawei subsidiary Honor lands in third place behind Oppo and Vivo . Xiaomi comes in fourth behind and Apple follows in fifth place. Samsung, Huawei and other manufacturers play a subordinate role in China. Honor's development should also have a positive impact on ambitions in Europe. The more successful the Chinese company is, the more self-confident you are and of course you have more money available to develop yourself further.

So, in the long run, Honor could really follow in Huawei's footsteps and replace the Chinese company. Even if it currently appears that Xiaomi is taking this place, that could change at any time. After all, after hard work, Huawei also managed to become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world before it was relentlessly thwarted.

The brand new Honor smartphones in the video :

Honor Magic 3: The latest top smartphone

The Chinese company recently proved that Honor can build good smartphones with the Honor Magic 3. The high-end smartphone is coming to Germany in the foreseeable future. The prices range from 899 to 1,499 euros, depending on the model. In addition, a gap could be filled with the Honor X20 Max. A huge 7.2-inch cell phone is said to be planned. In the coming months it will be seen whether Honor can be just as successful in Germany as it is in China .


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