Hide photos on Android: Google provides more protection

Hide photos on Android: Google provides more protection

More privacy with all Android smartphones: What was previously reserved for Pixel phones will soon also be available for all other phones with the Google operating system. Photos and videos that are not intended for strangers can be collected in locked folders.

Locked Folders: Locked folders for all Android phones

In May 2021, Google introduced a useful function with Locked Folders, but this was only available on the in-house cell phones of the Pixel series. Users can collect photos and videos that are particularly worth protecting in locked folders. Before access, Android asks for a passcode or fingerprint . According to Google, this prevents unauthorized access.

As it now turns out, Google wants to make the function available to all owners of Android smartphones via the Photos app, as long as at least Android 6 is installed on the phones. Google has not yet given an exact date, but the blocked folders should be ready "soon" (source: The Verge).

Of course, users can decide for themselves which content is worth protecting. At the presentation of the Locked Folders , Google showed the family-friendly example of a couple who bought a dog for their child, but wanted to keep photos of the animal secret.

What else does Google Photos offer? The answer is in the video :

Android: Locked folders without cloud backup

Photos and videos that are in locked folders are not protected by a backup in the cloud. With Pixel phones, users can also decide for themselves whether new photos and videos should be moved directly to Locked Folders . It is not yet clear whether this function will also be available for other camera apps under Android.

Locked folders are initially deactivated on Pixel phones and must be activated by the user. Only then can content be manually moved into the folder.


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