Google is certain: the Pixel 6 will be a huge success

Google is certain: the Pixel 6 will be a huge success

Google has big plans for the Pixel 6 (Pro). A new report makes it clear how aggressive the group is. Google has instructed its suppliers to significantly increase production. New records are also likely to be broken when it comes to spending on marketing.

Pixel 6: Google already confident of victory

The Pixel 6 and the drilled-out Pro version will be a real success - at least the manufacturer himself thinks. Although the sales figures for the predecessors were hardly worth mentioning compared to Samsung and Apple, Google has big plans for the next Pixel phone. Suppliers are now said to have been instructed to increase production by 50 percent .

In 2019, Google was still able to sell around 7 million smartphones. In the pandemic year 2020, the sales figures then fell significantly. Only 3.7 million pixel cell phones went over the counter. For the Pixel 6 (Pro), 11 million units are reportedly targeted (source: Nikkei Asia).

How much Google is convinced of the success of the Pixel 6 is also made clear by statements by hardware boss Rick Osterloh. They are now more prepared than before to "invest a lot in marketing". Google's smartphone division "should grow". It also fits that many details about the upcoming Pixel phone have already been published in advance. Google no longer relies on the surprise effect.

In the video you can see the Pixel 6 (Pro):

Pixel 6: presentation later?

While many details about the features of the Pixel 6 (Pro) have already been determined, there is still a bit of confusion when it comes to the presentation date. Most recently it was speculated that Google could present its next Pixel phone on September 13th - one day before the iPhone 13. Now there are indications that Google is taking a little more time and will not present the phone until October 19th . The delivery should then begin on October 28th.


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