Galaxy S21 FE: Even Samsung no longer believes in the cell phone

Galaxy S21 FE: Even Samsung no longer believes in the cell phone

Again, no good news about the Galaxy S21 fan edition: Meanwhile, Samsung no longer believes in a resounding success of the smartphone. The original sales forecast has been abandoned. This also has to do with the Galaxy S22.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: Hardly any prospect of success

The Galaxy S21 FE will not be a great success - even manufacturer Samsung now thinks. The previous forecasts have been adopted. Originally, Samsung assumed that it would be able to sell the 15 million units of the fan edition. But you don't want to know anything more about it. Contrary to what was planned, the number of items has been corrected downwards . Internally, only 12 million Galaxy S21 FE are expected to be sold worldwide (source: SamMobile).

Of course, Samsung has not given a reason for the weaker forecast. However, it is likely to be related to the fact that the cell phone will come onto the market later than originally planned. Production of the smartphone is only expected to start in September 2021. A release of the fan edition of the Galaxy S21 is currently only expected in late October. Quite a few customers should have taken a look at the upcoming Galaxy S22, which will likely appear in January 2022.

In the video : This is what we think of the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra:

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE without microSD slot

Some interested parties are likely to be deterred for a completely different reason: As recently became known, Samsung has waived an expansion of the hard drive in the Galaxy S21 FE. According to the previously published operating instructions for the cell phone, there is no microSD slot to be found. Samsung also gave its fans a microSD slot for the Galaxy S20 FE. A headphone jack in 3.5 mm format is also not part of the equipment. A power supply unit should not be included in the package with the smartphone.


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