Galaxy A73: Samsung integrates ultra functionality in mid-range mobile phones

Galaxy A73: Samsung integrates ultra functionality in mid-range mobile phones

Samsung has already significantly upgraded its mid-range Galaxy A series smartphones this year. But that's not enough, because the pressure from Xiaomi is growing. Samsung wants to react exactly to this with the Galaxy A73 and is now even installing the camera of the Galaxy S21 Ultra in the middle class.

Samsung Galaxy A73 is to receive a 108 MP camera

Xiaomi is launching one mid-range smartphone after the other and equipping them with better and better equipment. This puts a lot of pressure on Samsung. In order not to lose the connection, you probably want to add a lot more. It was only recently announced that Samsung intends to use Exynos chips with AMD GPUs in the Galaxy A53 and A73, to which Xiaomi has no access. Now at least the Galaxy A73 should get a much better camera that we only know from the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

While the Galaxy S21 Ultra is sold for almost 1,200 euros, the Galaxy A73 with the 108 MP camera is of course much cheaper. This year's Galaxy A72 came on the market for 449 euros. If the price of the Galaxy A73 remains unchanged, the faster processor is installed and the high-end camera with higher resolution, Samsung would again have a competitive mid-range cell phone with a large display in its range.

It is currently still unclear which camera sensor Samsung will use exactly (source: SamMobile). The South Korean company has several models of the 108 MP sensor on offer, some of which are used themselves, but some are also sold to other manufacturers. The presentation is expected in March 2022 . Until then, more information should emerge.

The sister model Samsung Galaxy A52 5G in the video :

Samsung has to respond to Xiaomi

Samsung can currently no longer allow itself to make mistakes , because Xiaomi is catching up bit by bit and wants to become world market leader within the next three years. In Europe, Samsung has already been overtaken. With the upcoming Galaxy S22 series, however, one seems to be making mistakes that could end in even worse sales figures.


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