For WhatsApp and Co .: This is what the new emojis will look like in 2021

For WhatsApp and Co .: This is what the new emojis will look like in 2021

This year, fans and everyday users alike had to wait a long time for new emojis. It is now known which emotions, pictures and symbols, which were previously impossible, we will soon be able to send via WhatsApp and Co. But there is still one catch.

It's that time again, the new emojis for messengers such as WhatsApp, Signal and Co. are officially ready. We finally know exactly what to expect. Only when the pictures and faces will make it onto smartphones and tablets worldwide has not yet been conclusively clarified.

For WhatsApp and Co .: New emojis in 2021 are all about diversity

First of all: New motifs await us with the fresh emojis, but a lot will already look familiar to you - and that's no wonder. The current new edition of the emoticons obviously attaches great importance to diversity. Accordingly, well-known symbols in particular have been revised and now offer more choice, for example with regard to the smiley skin color (source: Emojipedia).

In addition, some new releases await us, as can be seen in the picture:

Some of the new emojis, including the pregnant man, were previously known. In the spring, however, they were still considered drafts. You will now get the final go with the official announcement that the emojis were presented as part of the new Unicode 14 version by the Unicode Consortium.

From the melting smiley to the saluting yellow face to the emoji that holds back tears, there are a total of seven completely new smileys. New symbols are also integrated, including a coral, an empty battery, soap bubbles and the disco ball. The pregnant man as well as other gender-adjusted figures are part of the party.

A messenger like WhatsApp or Signal belongs on every smartphone. You can find more indispensable apps in the video :

When will the new emojis be on the smartphone?

Shake hands and the "We want you" finger have been revised - these and others will soon be available with a wider range of colors. But when exactly is not yet certain. Because on different operating systems such as Android and iOS or in messengers such as WhatsApp, Threema or Signal, the emojis must first be adapted. The rollout is currently expected at the end of the year. It will probably take until 2022 for the new designs to arrive everywhere.


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