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Facebook admits: Instagram is really that dangerous

Facebook admits: Instagram is really that dangerous

Outwardly, the Facebook group is behind Instagram. Accusations that the social media app harm its users are not new. Internal documents now show that Facebook is aware of this - and has probably been for years. So far, however, this has hardly had any consequences.

From a financial point of view, Facebook should be quite satisfied with the takeover of Instagram. After all, the photo app is still one of the most popular digital applications in the world today. In terms of public perception, however, they didn't necessarily do themselves a favor.

Instagram: That's how dangerous the app is for young users

This is currently shown by a new example: According to studies, Instagram is a serious threat to some of its users . 32 percent of teenage users who said they had a negative self-image - especially about their body - should feel even more miserable about themselves through the app. In the case of boys, it is at least 14 percent. This has been shown by studies that Facebook itself has carried out internally over the past three years (source: The Wall Street Journal via CNBC).

The studies also provided indications of suicidal tendencies among users. In England, 13 percent of suicidal teenagers reportedly indicated that their situation was related to Instagram. According to an internal Facebook presentation, it is 6 percent in the USA. It is criticized that the results were not made public.

The US media report that the main conclusion on Facebook was one simple: For the majority of users, Instagram is not a risk to mental or physical health. The problem: The negative influences on young people arise precisely from the basic functions of the app, such as algorithms that always feed the personal feed with the most beautiful pictures possible.

Facebook wants to revise Instagram, but doesn't make any promises

In the official company blog, Instagram's PR boss Karina Newton responded to the report: They are working to steer users away from potentially harmful content towards content that has a positive effect. Be cautiously optimistic that it will succeed.

There is much more besides Facebook and Instagram: The apps in the video belong on all smartphones:

Instagram repeatedly comes under public criticism. The reasons are, for example, concerns about the safety of users, as is the case again now. But also questionable functions call critics on the scene. Most recently, a planned Instagram version for children was suspected of fueling depression.

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