Export and print the vaccination certificate from the Corona-Warn-App

Export and print the vaccination certificate from the Corona-Warn-App

After the CovPass app has shown it, from version 2.10 you can also export a certificate in the Corona warning app. This certificate corresponds to the one you get at the doctor and in the pharmacy. You can save the vaccination certificate as a PDF and print it out so that you have it with you in paper form.

In some situations it is easier if you have the vaccination certificate in paper form with you - you do not have to click through the different views in the app and you have all the information available even if the cell phone battery is empty. xiaomist explains to you how to export the vaccination certificate in the Corona warning app.

Corona warning app: create, save and print EU printouts

You have three different options for proving your vaccination status during a check-up:

With the internationally valid yellow vaccination certificate . With a digital certificate that is stored in CovPass, the Corona warning app or the Luca app. With the printed EU certificate that you receive after a vaccination from a doctor, vaccination center or pharmacy.

With all three options you have to prove your identity with an identification document parallel to showing the vaccination certificate. But any of these proofs are suitable to show during a control that the required vaccinations have been passed .

How to export your vaccination certificate in the Corona-Warn-App:

Starts the app (from version 2.10). Tap on " Certificates " in the menu bar at the bottom. Then tap on the code of your certificate and then scroll down to tap again on your current certificate that you want to export. You will now see the QR code of your certificate and see three dots ( ⋮) on the right - tap on it. A menu opens. Tap on "Show print version ". In the next step you will get a few explanations about the export file. Tap on " Next ". You will then be shown the print version , which is identical to that of your doctor, vaccination center or pharmacy. You can now either print, save or share them using the icons at the top right. To save the Corona certificate as a PDF file , tap the printer symbol . In the next window, tap on " Select printer " at the top and select " Save as PDF ". A small icon appears with "PDF" and an arrow . Tap it once and you can save the file in the " Downloads " folder and give it a name.

You can send this file to a printer and then always carry it with you in paper form. Or you can use the share function and send it to someone who can print out the certificate for you.

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