eBay classifieds takes action: This is what scammers are doing

eBay classifieds takes action: This is what scammers are doing

Those who want to buy or sell used or homemade items often use the popular eBay classified ads platform. Precisely because there is also good business to be made, unfortunately there are not only honest providers and interested parties to be found there. The online marketplace now wants to better protect users.

For more security: eBay classified ads requires a telephone number

The method is not new, but it is still quite effective: eBay Classifieds is introducing two-factor authentication for users with immediate effect. The company announced that it wanted to guarantee customers more security when offering and buying goods or services via the online platform.

Starting today, eBay classifieds users will have to provide their phone number for this. This applies when creating a new user account, and a valid telephone number must be provided for each new advertisement and when contacting us. A six-digit code is then sent to this for authentication, which in turn must be entered on eBay Classifieds. The function is being introduced step by step, so it is not required by all users at the same time.

The platform wants to ensure that the offers are meant to be serious and provide better protection against unintentional contact. Until now, the telephone number was voluntary. It will initially be compulsory for five categories: "babysitting & childcare", "mini & part-time jobs", "animal care & training", "tutoring" and "internships".

You can find out how eBay classifieds works in the video :

Verify account: To protect children, teenagers and young women

Anyone who wants to place an advertisement online or reply to one in these areas must identify themselves using an SMS code. Paul Heimann, Managing Director of ebay classifieds, explains: "We hope that this will also have positive effects on the problem of sexual harassment. Last but not least, we also target those users who, under the guise of supposed anonymity, sexually harass children, adolescents and young women in particular. "

After two-factor authentication will only be introduced in these product categories and for new registrations in the next few weeks, all existing accounts will be verified in this way in the future. Here too, eBay Classifieds will proceed gradually. A specific schedule is not given.


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