{Disarmed} Xiaomi Smart Glasses, this is how the company s first smart glasses are

Xiaomi returns to surprise us with a new, most interesting product. This time it is the Xiaomi Smart Glasses , their first smart glasses capable of showing us all kinds of information in front of our eyes.

With the appearance of traditional glasses, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses are capable of showing us incoming calls , giving us navigation directions or even viewing the photo gallery . In addition, these first Xiaomi smart glasses are able to guide us through applications such as Google Maps.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses, smart glasses, speakers, microphone and camera

In detail, the new Xiaomi Smart Glasses are presented with a fairly traditional appearance, standing out only for their side areas where a total of 497 different sensors are included , as well as two small speakers and several microphones. Together, they weigh no more than 51 grams .

Xiaomi Smart Glasses, this is how the company's first smart glasses are. News Xiaomi

To display information, Xiaomi has chosen to include two MicroLED optics in its first Smart Glasses. These, in addition to letting us see through them while showing us information, have a brightness level of no less than 2,000,000 nits , which allows us to see with total clarity in bright sunlight.

Several speakers and microphones are added to everything seen, which will allow us to make calls with total clarity, as well as listen to audios or navigation directions. In addition, Xiaomi has chosen to include a 5MP camera that allows us to take photographs or even translate texts in real time.

But it does not finish here. In addition to what is seen, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses have a Bluetooth and WiFi module, as well as an Android-based operating system. This allows them to be totally independent of our smartphone and that they are not just a "second screen".

Price and availability of Xiaomi Smart Glasses

At the moment Xiaomi has not revealed what the price of these first smart glasses will be, or when they will be marketed. Still, they are probably not cheap , reaching China first where they would be traded at a lower price than the rest of the world.

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