{Disarmed} Xiaomi Smart Glasses: Smart glasses with display and camera presented

Xiaomi Smart Glasses

As expected , Xiaomi has presented its first smart glasses. However, this is not a finished product for the masses, but a new wearable concept. The Xiaomi Smart Glasses is initially geared towards the Chinese market.

Xiaomi has announced new smart glasses in China. The wearable is a concept and has a MicroLED display and a camera. Xiaomi's concept glasses can show notifications, take photos, make calls, translate in real time, act as a teleprompter, etc.

The glasses, which look like normal sunglasses, weigh 51 grams. As already mentioned, the Xiaomi glasses use MicroLEDs for the backlight. The monochrome display has a peak brightness of 2 million nits. The display chip measures 2.3 mm x 2.02 mm so that the display fits into the frame of the glasses. It uses optical waveguide technology, which refracts light at an angle of 180 degrees, in order to transmit the light rays precisely to the human eye "through the microscopic grating structure of the optical waveguide lens".

The glasses also have a 5 MP front camera for taking pictures. It also has two beam-shaping microphones and speakers for answering calls, converting audio to text in real time, etc. The glasses also have Xiaomi's XiaoAI assistants. He selects the most important notifications from the phone and reflects them on the display. The assistant also shows the phone number of the incoming caller and helps with navigation, etc.

The glasses are equipped with a quad-core ARM processor and have an integrated battery. It also has a touch pad, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an indicator light that shows when the camera is in use.

As already mentioned, the product is still a concept and there is still no official information on the prices or availability of the smart glasses.

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