{Disarmed} Xiaomi reverses the kill switch and blockade of smartphones

Xiaomi Mi Note 10

A few days ago it became known that Xiaomi had blocked its smartphones in certain countries. This should prevent that these should not be used there because their export there is prohibited. This includes countries like Cuba or Syria.

Xiaomi has now commented on this problem and has declared and defended the kill switch. The aim is not to switch off devices indiscriminately in any country, but rather the manufacturer wants to prevent the gray market in certain regions from growing further and contraband goods from being used where it is prohibited.

It is even suspected that the USA is behind this decision by Xiaomi, which has probably exerted some pressure so that the Xiaomi smartphones are blocked in the countries and regions sanctioned by the USA.

Xiaomi has now unlocked the locked devices again, but such a kill switch leaves a rather queasy feeling in the stomach.

Global Times

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