{Disarmed} Pixel 6 Pro: Finally, real fast charging on board

Google Pixel 6 Pro Silver

New certification data now show that the upcoming Google Pixel 6 Pro will finally have real fast charging on board. Not as fast as the competition from China, but at least significantly faster than anything that Google had previously donated to its Pixel smartphones.

Accordingly, the upcoming Pixel 6 Pro should be able to be charged quickly with 33 watts. And that makes you almost twice as fast as before, because in recent years you have been able to charge the pixels with a maximum of 18 watts. Such a charger has been included in every sales box since 2016. But finally you are now on the move faster on Google.

The Pixel 6 Pro is rumored to have installed a 5,000 mAh battery. This should make loading much faster. Unfortunately, Google won't pack a charger in the box, which means that Pixel 6 Pro users will have to buy this separately or use another quick charger.

The 33 watt fast charging has so far only been explicitly confirmed for the Pixel 6 Pro. So you don't yet know how fast the smaller Pixel 6 can be charged. Hopefully so soon, because if anything else it would be a bit of a disappointment.


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