{Disarmed} Oppo Watch 2 ECG Edition presented

Oppo Watch 2 ECG Edition

The Oppo Watch 2 was introduced a few months ago as the successor to the first smartwatch from the Chinese manufacturer, the Oppo Watch. And just like with the first generation of the wearable, Oppo has now announced an EKG version of the new watch, the OPPO Watch 2 ECG Edition.

The Oppo Watch 2 ECG Edition has a 1.91 ″ 3D AMOLED display, which is housed in a case made of 316L stainless steel, sapphire glass and a ceramic base. According to Oppo, the watch has three different straps - a breathable fluorine rubber strap with grooves, an Italian leather strap and a magnetic strap with two clasps and buckles.

Oppo Watch 2 ECG Edition
: Oppo

Inside the watch there is an ECG sensor with millisecond recognition. The watch also has a 24-hour monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias and alerts the wearer as soon as it detects an irregular heart rate. The smartwatch is equipped with an Sp02 sensor, which also measures the oxygen content of the blood during sleep.

Other features of the watch are a sports trainer powered by GoMore, a virtual pet that gives you real-time feedback on your health, eSIM, UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology for longer battery life, support for up to 60 lifestyle apps and a 510 mAh battery with support for VOOC fast charging. Oppo says the battery life can be up to 16 days depending on the mode.

The Oppo Watch 2 ECG Edition will cost ¥ 2,499, the equivalent of around EUR 329.00. It can already be pre-ordered in China.

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