{Disarmed} OPPO Watch 2 ECG Edition: the electrocardiogram reaches the most ambitious smartwatch of the brand

OPPO Watch 2 ECG Edition: the electrocardiogram reaches the most ambitious smartwatch of the brand

OPPO's adventures in the smartphone field began last year with the OPPO Watch , which was later renewed by the OPPO Watch 2 . The latter was a considerable leap at the hardware level and the brand now presents the OPPO Watch 2 ECG Edition , a new version that has an electrocardiogram function.

With this addition, OPPO places its most ambitious watch to date at the level of competing with the most complete smartwatches of the competition, since the ECG has been added and becoming one of the main claims of these devices, as in the case Apple Watch Series 7 or Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 . The rest of the configuration is already more familiar, although yes, the starting price is higher than the version without ECG.

OPPO Watch 2 ECG Edition datasheet

OPPO Watch 2 ECG Edition


1.91-inch AMOLED
Resolution: 372 x 430


46 millimeters


Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100
Apollo 4S co-processor

Memory and storage



510 mAh
VOOC 2.0 Flash Charge


ECG sensor
Three-axis acceleration sensor
Geomagnetic sensor
Barometric pressure sensor
Optical heart pulse sensor
Training sensor
Photoluminal sensor


Submersible to 5 atmospheres


ColorOS Watch 2.0

Dimensions and weight

46.37 x 38.51 x 11.55 mm (without strap)
47.5 grams (without strap)


From 328 euros to change

Detecting the rhythm in large wrists

It does not have to be exactly like that, but OPPO's movement with its Watch 2 is only framed in the 46-millimeter model , the largest of its predecessor's sizes (42 and 46 mm). However, the design remains unchanged, with very Apple Watch corners and the same 1.91-inch AMOLED screen and 372 x 430 pixel resolution.

Oppo Watch 2 Ecg 02

The new sensor is responsible for adding the function of performing a real-time ECG, being able to give some indication about cardiac anomalies, always taking it as a non-medical device and with the need to consult a professional in case something is seen irregular as well. The way to do it is similar to the ones we have seen in previous proposals: place your finger on the side button.

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The interiors that sound like us

One of the big changes from the first Watch 2 was that Snapdragon 4100 and this remains, along with the 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage. It works with ColosOS Watch 2.0, it has eSIM, NFC and GPS.

Oppo Watch 2 Ecg 03

The OPPO Watch 2 ECG maintains the large number of activities that its predecessor recorded, including some unusual in these devices such as jumping rope or walking the dog. In addition, it has sleep monitoring, SpO2 and continuous pulse measurement. And beware, they promise 2 days of autonomy , which would be something above those rivals that we mentioned in the introduction (although far from the Huawei).

Oppo Watch 2 Ecg 04 {"videoId":"x7zpyou","autoplay":false,"title":"COMPARATIVA de SMARTWATCH ¿Cuál es EL MEJOR RELOJ INTELIGENTE ?"}

OPPO Watch 2 ECG versions and prices

Oppo Watch 2 Ecg 01

The OPPO Watch 2 ECG has been presented in China, and is now available for reservation. Its official starting price is 2,499 yuan, about 328 euros at the exchange rate . We said that it was a more expensive starting price than the standard model because the OPPO Watch 2 started at 1,999 yuan (263 euros at the exchange rate), speaking of the 46 mm.

More information | OPPO

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