{Disarmed} New iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 and more: all the news from Apple s Keynote

New iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 and more: all the news from Apple's Keynote

Apple has finished its 'California Streaming' event with all that promised Californian air and, above all, with a lot of new products. In xiaomist.com we have followed it in detail and now we compile in this article all the news of the Apple Keynote of September 14 .

As usually happens in the event that they convene in what can be described as the beginning of the year, those from Cupertino have presented their new iPhone , but they have not been the only devices nor the only novelties. We detail it as a summary so that you can quickly go to what interests you the most.

All the news in devices

  • New iPad (2021) : the base model of Apple's "non-mini" tablets is renewed and it does so with two major changes: the integration of the Apple A13 Bionic and its new front camera with a 12-megapixel sensor and the Center Stage that gave a lot of play on the iPad Pro (2021) .
  • New iPad mini (2021 : the iPad mini did not seem to have a very strong future a few years ago, but Tim Cook's company has not wanted to sacrifice it far from it. On the contrary, its new edition comes with a great redesign , being something more iPhone, and a new location for Touch ID.
Ipad Mini
  • New Apple Watch Series 7 : It's been the iPad mini and not Apple's new smartwatch that has arrived with those right-angled edges. The Series 7 maintains the curved edges of the Series 6 and its predecessors, but debuts a panel with which to see more content and promises to be more resistant and give more hours of autonomy .
Apple Watch Series 7
  • New iPhone 13 mini : if the iPhone 12 mini was objectively wrong, that was undoubtedly autonomy , and that is precisely where Apple attacks in its iteration. Other parts in which we see improvements is in the screen and photography, sharing rows with the next one we list.
Iphone 13 Mini
  • New iPhone 13 : the standard brother, the one without a last name, takes hold of the hand of the previous one at the level of features and redesign. Smaller notch and diagonal cameras in this new mobile that also has a 120 Hz processor and screen .
Iphone 13
  • New iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max : the crown jewels this year continue to be differentiated by size, finish and photography above all, although the Pro surname also includes an Apple A15 Bionic somewhat more powerful than that of the "non-Pro" ones.
{"videoId":"x8465oq","autoplay":false,"title":"Introducing iPhone 13 Pro Apple"}

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  • Apple Fitness + : it was introduced last year and now we have learned that starting this fall it will be available in 15 new countries , including Spain.
Apple Fitness +
  • iOS 15 : we already had the new operating system for Apple mobiles signed, but today we learned that the final version will arrive on September 20 . Interested in installing it now? We fully explain how .
{"videoId":"x81ujsl","autoplay":false,"title":"iOS 15 | 15 COSAS NUEVAS que puedes hacer con la nueva versión del sistema operativo de Apple"}

The news New iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 and more: all the news from Apple's Keynote was originally published in xiaomist.com by Anna Martí .

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