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{Disarmed} LG launches giant screens up to 325 inches with DVLED technology: this is a home theater

LG launches giant screens up to 325 inches with DVLED technology: this is a home theater

It's called Direct View LED (DVLED) Extreme Home Cinema Display, and it's a technology solution from LG that launches screens ranging from 108 to an impressive 325 inches .

These screens, aimed at large (and predictably exorbitant prices) home theater facilities, make use of millions of LEDs (between 2 and 33 million) to create a giant image that can support resolutions from 2K to 8K .

A screen for home theater foodies

These new screens will be offered in 16: 9 format —although they can also be placed in such a way that the final format is 32: 9 thanks to its modular panel system— and it is also possible to find them in different diagonals, the most spectacular being that screen of 325 inches, which is already close to those of cinemas that usually start at 540 inches.

Lg 2

As our colleagues from xiaomist.com Smart Home explain, this technology is different from that used in conventional LED LCD televisions: with DVLED self- emitting pixels are used that do not need a backlight, which increases contrast and eliminates blooming problems.

In LG they have not offered data on the price of these screens, but according to Gizmodo those prices range from 70,000 to 1.7 million dollars depending on the size and resolution of the screen. The solution is of course a competitor to Samsung The Wall , Samsung's gigantic modular MicroLED panel.

{"videoId":"x7zw7r5","autoplay":true,"title":"MicroLED, MiniLED, OLED, QLED... Aclarando el JALEO de TECNOLOGÍAS de TV"}

That price certainly includes a certified ATA trunk and specially designed to transport these screens without problems, and to manage them a device called LG Controller based on webOS is included that allows you to take full advantage of that multimedia experience.

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