{Disarmed} The latest from Razer are gamers "thimbles": they promise better sensitivity and keep your fingers cool when playing on touchscreens

The latest from Razer are

Razer has surprised us over the years with a multitude of accessories for gamers. Also really competitive laptops , mice , keyboards or headphones , also very particular devices. For example, the reusable mask or a credit card . The last? Thimbles.

The company has announced a new accessory for gamers in its product catalog. With the huge number of users who use the mobile to play video games, they have seen a most curious business opportunity here: to solve the problem of sweaty fingers .

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Less sweat and more precision

Under the name of 'Razer gaming finger sleeve' the company has presented a kind of textile thimbles to play video games on mobile. These "finger gloves" are designed to prevent inadvertent slipping and thus improve precision when touching the touch screen. At the same time, they promise that they are breathable and thus allow you to keep your fingers cool while playing.

Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve Hero Desktop

According to Razer, the thimbles are made of a "highly conductive silver fiber fabric . " The exact composition is unknown, although Razer indicates that there is also nylon and nonsense to make them elastic and adaptable to any finger. They are barely 0.8 mm thick so they don't lose touch and Razer indicates that they can be used for hours. In addition, they can be washed without problems once they get dirty.

Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve Usp1 Desktop

Price? A pair of two of these thimbles costs US $ 9.99 . At the moment there is no price for Europe. How useful they are depends on how necessary they are for each user. For someone with really sweaty fingers and who spends hours playing with the mobile , it may be a good option for less than ten euros to change.

Razer's toaster for gamers was a joke on April 1, now they are going to make it in earnest to popular acclaim In xiaomist.com Razer's toaster for gamers was a joke on April 1, now they are going to make it in earnest to popular acclaim

The mobile industry has made its efforts when it comes to gaming . In addition to these particular thimbles, other manufacturers have opted for phones designed specifically for video games, such as some from ASUS and Xiaomi . Even more curious is the cooling fan that attaches to the back of some ASUS or the triggers of the Redmi K40 . In perspective, some Razer thimbles are no longer so over the top.

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