{Disarmed} If you start a new course and are going to make a technology purchase, these are the companies that offer educational discounts

If you start a new course and are going to make a technology purchase, these are the companies that offer educational discounts

New course, new purchases. Books, stationery and who knows if you have to buy a laptop, you have opted for a tablet to study, the essential calculator or you simply have to get a lot of accessories. Returning to the routine is joined by another blow, that of the wallet. To mitigate this investment, some companies launch exclusive offers for the education sector which, in some cases, not only concern students, but also other workers in the sector. If you don't want to miss out on the best special offers for education , in this article we collect the most interesting ones.


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The almighty Amazon has a very attractive promotion. First, because it allows students to enjoy the benefits of Prime at half price , since the cost of becoming a Prime Student is 18 euros / year (with a 90-day free trial) compared to 36 for non-students.

Being from Prime (student or not) implies fast, free and unlimited shipping at no additional cost, subscription to Prime Video, access to more than 2 million songs and playlists in Prime Music, thousands of eBooks in Prime Reading, additional content for Twitch Prime, free unlimited photo storage with Amazon Photo, Priority access to flash deals and events like Prime Day.

But the Prime Student version has exclusive benefits that include discounts for school supplies such as Microsoft Surface , Chromebook laptops, Logitech or Blue accessories and a 10% discount on a selection of fashion.

To become a Prime Student, you need to submit your academic email address, as well as a payment method and a billing address. If you do not have an email from the university, a school certificate will suffice. After the verification process, you will be a Prime Student.

Of course, the subscription to Amazon Prime Student has a maximum duration of four years (which lasts one degree theoretically). You can then go on to standard Prime.

{"videoId":"x83vz1e","autoplay":true,"title":"LAS MEJORES 18 WEBS Y APPS para ESTUDIANTES 2021 PREPÁRATE para la VUELTA AL COLE"} If you are a university student, being on Amazon Prime costs you half: 18 euros / year with a 90-day free trial In xiaomist.com If you are a university student, being on Amazon Prime costs you half: 18 euros / year with a 90-day free trial


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Apple offers in its stores a discount for the education sector that is active throughout the year, although during September the advantages are more attractive. Thus, in addition to having discounts on Apple computers and the iPad, in this period they also give away AirPods headphones and a discount on their AppleCare + program of 20% .

The savings can be up to 318 euros on a Mac or 90 euros on an iPad, but there are not only discounts on hardware: there are also other interesting promotions such as the student discount on Apple Music , Apple's music streaming service. After six months of free trial, this promotion, which is valid in several countries (so the rates vary), lowers the individual plan from 9.99 euros / month to 4.99 euros in Spain. You can also get a free year of Apple TV +

To benefit from these discounts it is necessary to enter your student email in UNiDAYS , which certifies that you are either studying or working in an educational center. This process usually requires the submission of a copy of the registration or employment contract for verification.

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On the Acer website there is a section for education , this is aimed at educational centers , providing technological solutions to schools and institutions at the level of hardware, content and resources.

Although this section explains that the Acer for Education range we can find a device that suits our needs, whether we are teachers, schools or students, the link does not take us to a page with discounted computers, but we will access a form to ask for information.

If we enter the Acer Online Store and try to make a purchase by registering, there is no option to record our student status. Likewise, if we try to make a purchase, there is no option to highlight that we are students, although there is a box to enter discount codes .

Where to get those discount codes? In the portal Student Discount . There we will have to register with a valid email - the email provided by the university - to get a coupon of up to 15% in the Acer Online Store. These codes are not cumulative and expire on December 31, 2021.

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Dell has on its website a savings program for students over 18 years of age who are pursuing a higher or university degree, offering up to 25% discount on electronic devices and computers oriented to studies.

To access the program it is necessary to register with an academic email or write to an address providing documentation to prove it and thus be able to access the exclusive coupons. After validation, we will receive a discount code that we can apply during the purchase process in the Dell online store for computers, monitors and projectors.

There is no minimum spending threshold, you can only purchase one unit per order (you can buy two products per year and offer), they are not cumulative with other discount codes and it is restricted to the Dell Spain website. The discount code expires at the end of the calendar year, but you can request a new one when it expires

Specifically, the program offers 25% in accessories, up to 15% in monitors, 16% in the gaming area and 10% in XPS and Inspiron laptops. In addition, when we register we will also receive special campaign offers in our mail.

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Hp Store

Be careful because although on the general website of HP Store Spain you will find discounts of up to 20%, if you access the HP Store for Students section, the discount grows up to 30%

If we want to access it, we will have to register with the email that our educational center has provided us and that our university is part of the community network. If you do not have an academic email, it will be necessary to provide additional information to complete the registration.

We proceed to register with our student account and, after entering our and a strong password, they send us a verification code to the email that we will have to paste on the HP website. It will be necessary to enter more data related to our career to complete the process. Once registered, we will be redirected to the front page of the HP Store, where we will see your products with the price for students without restrictions.

The discounts between the devices vary enormously depending on the chosen model, but they are very attractive : premium laptops, convertibles, gaming, basic, All in one, printers or inks and toners with a 30% discount.


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In the Microsoft online store there is a section for the educational sector with discounts on hardware, software, accessories and even Xbox consoles, because not everything is going to be studying. They also have their own section for the education sector.

The best offers are found in Surface products, with discounts of up to 15% , which translates into saving up to 374.85 euros on Surface Pro 7 or up to 191.58 euros on Surface Laptop Go, yes, always in accordance with recommended selling prices. You can also choose Surface Packs with an additional discount on accessories.

If we only need software , the complete Office 365 pack is free and comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams and additional tools for the classroom. In the student software section we can access different versions of Windows 10, Microsoft 365 and Office with a discount. The prices of student Xbox packs are those of the usual store.

If we want to take advantage of these discounts for the education sector, it is necessary to have a Microsoft account and complete a verification process , where they will verify that you are a student or teacher.

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What you

In K-tuin there are also exclusive offers for the education sector that we can take advantage of both in physical stores and in its online store , in addition to 0% financing. These discounts are applicable for university students of legal age and teachers .

Thus, buying an iMac or Mac laptops you benefit from a 12% discount and if you get an iPad 10.2 ", iPad Air or iPad Pro, the discount is 7%.

To take advantage of K-tuin's discounts for the educational sector, simply add the products and then enter the codes EDUCPROMO for computers or EDUCPROMOIPAD for iPad. Subsequently and as appropriate, we add the documentation that proves it : university card, registration or a certificate from the center. If we are educational personnel, we can attach a payroll, contract or a certificate issued by the center.

Western digital


The beginning of the course is a good time to propose good practices such as organizing our notes and digital content on a hard drive, so if you have to buy one, in Western Digital Store they offer a 15% discount on their devices for students, teachers and adults. 55 years . Be careful because they not only have external hard drives, you can also mount a cloud or change the storage of your computer.

In order to benefit from this discount you will have to prove it through Youth Discount, where they will ask for your academic email to send you a verification link. This coupon can be used only once per person per calendar month, taxes and shipping costs are excluded and a maximum of five products can be used.


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The Chinese firm OnePlus has an exclusive discount program for students on its website. In it we can achieve up to a 10% discount on any order that we can execute on the payment page, such as your mobile phones, smartwatch and headphones.

To use the discount it is necessary to verify our identity as students through Student Beans. The terms and conditions of this section indicate that this verification is only valid for one year - and can be renewed the following year - and it is necessary to have a OnePlus account.


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Autodesk is the firm behind software so widely used in technical careers such as AutoCAD, and on its website it has an area for students from which we can download free software such as AutoCAD itself, Maya, Inventor or TinkerCAD, the software for 3D printing , and so on up to 48 programs. Likewise, it also offers certifications of its software that could be useful to us at a curricular or professional level.

To take advantage of these free downloads, it is necessary to prove that you are a student or worker at an educational center , specifying information related to our studies such as career or university.


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Adobe, the company behind such illustrious software as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Lightroom or Acrobat , has special discounts for the education sector through Creative Cloud. Thus, you can enjoy more than 20 applications (including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign), in addition to 100GB of space, for 19.66 euros / month.

This promotion is valid for teachers and students over 13 years of age who have not requested it before and is subject to a one-year stay, automatically renewing a second.

Finally, the institutions also have special plans for them to offer licenses to their own students. If you are not sure if this is the case of your educational center, it is better to ask beforehand.


Google Education

Google for Education is the area of ​​Google focused on education. Its mission is to provide a series of ICT resources for classrooms in the form of software, training and advice on the subject. Although it does not offer discounts on hardware like its Chromebooks , for practical purposes students can benefit from the ability to use its suite without advertising and extra storage on Google Drive. Be careful because although in the past it was unlimited for students, the new model provides a base of 100TB to educational centers so that they are the ones to distribute them.



We have reviewed the advantages of being a student when it comes to acquiring hardware and software for your career, but not only does the student live by kneeling elbows . Without going any further, Spotify has an offer for students to enjoy the premium plan for 4.99 euros, exactly half of what it usually costs.

Of course, this discount is limited to students from accredited higher education institutions who have not yet tried Premium , that is, there may be universities outside of this promotion, it does not apply to teachers or students who have already tried the ad-free mode of the popular music streaming service.

If the above premises are met, it will be necessary to successfully go through a verification process to take advantage of this special Spotify student rate.

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