{Disarmed} Google Pixel 6 Pro: New leak reveals many specifications

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While there is still no official release date for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, there are more and more details about the devices. Now a new leak has revealed a few more details about the Pixel 6 Pro, including details about the camera.

There is a lot of hope pinned to the Pixel 6 Pro when it comes to the camera. It is assumed that Google will again be at the top of the best smartphone cameras. After five years of the same specs, the camera has finally got a serious upgrade.

The triple camera is said to be led by a 50 MP Samsung GN1 sensor, in addition to this a 12MP Sony IMX386 sensor with an ultra-wide-angle lens is to be used. The sensor used for the 4x telephoto camera is the Sony IMX586. The 12 MP Sony IMX663 sensor will be used as the selfie camera.

The phone is also said to have a "baby mode" and a "motion deblur" option. It is not yet known exactly what these functions do, but it appears that they will leverage the camera / AI components of the new tensor chip.

In addition to the camera specifications, it also cites a few other specifications and features of the Pixel 6 Pro. This includes the display, which on the Pixel 6 Pro will be a 1440p panel and, according to this source, will support 120Hz at maximum resolution. It is also mentioned that the always-on display will support a variable refresh rate between 10 Hz and 30 Hz.

Active Edge, on the other hand, should not support the Pixel 6 Pro. The possible return of this feature was falsely reported after a retail leak. However, Battery Share from the Pixel 5 will return.

UWB is also directly mentioned again, a function that Google has already confirmed several times. It is said that a digital car key app will be pre-installed on the phone with Qorvo UWB hardware.

Last but not least, it was confirmed that the Pixel 6 Pro has a 5,000 mAh battery, at least 128 GB of storage space, Wi-Fi 6E, a fingerprint sensor from Goodix under the display and an audio amplifier from Cirrus Logic. The phone apparently also runs Linux kernel version 5.10, which seems to confirm the rumor of five years of software support as this kernel will be supported until 2026.


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