{Disarmed} Google Pixel 3 EDL mode problem: Google wants to replace affected devices

Google Pixel 3

For months, more and more pixels 3 owners the EDL problem addressed , in which the phone out of the blue unresponsive and a recovery mode indicates the "Emergency Download (EDL) mode" is. Google itself hadn't commented on it.

In the meantime, the Google hardware team had ignored the problem and was of no help to Pixel 3 owners. This is mainly because the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL came on the market in 2018 and both devices have lost their warranty status.

According to a report by PiunikaWeb and some Reddit users, Google has settled in and is finally taking care of the problem. According to one user, Google has agreed to take the device for an exchange. Another said the company has agreed to replace the smartphone if the user is willing to pay the hefty fee.

What's the problem with EDL mode in the Pixel 3?

EDL mode is a Qualcomm recovery mode that can be used to flash a copy of Android. But it is probably not intended for normal users. Even the Android updates offered by Google itself are flashed via the standard Android recovery system.

According to Pixel 3 owners who shared their experience on Google forums, Reddit, and the Google Issue Tracker, EDL mode appears out of nowhere on their device and makes it stop responding. The biggest problem is that users can't get out of EDL mode because the device won't boot, so manually flashing the device is out of the question.

It's still a mystery why the Pixel 3 phones got the EDL bug out of nowhere. One can assume that the wear and tear of the hardware is the cause. This is not only because the devices are over three years old, but also because the Pixel 3 previously had reports of swollen batteries and other hardware issues.


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