{Disarmed} The global shortage of chips is worsening, waiting times reach a record value of 21 weeks

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The waiting times for companies looking for chipsets have become even longer. In August, the industry hit a record 21 weeks lead time, suggesting that the global chip shortage problem is worsening over time.

The semiconductor shortage affects various industries around the world, including the automotive industry, consumer electronics, and others. The shortage of chips has caused automakers to stop manufacturing and the electronics industry has also slowed growth. According to research by the Susquehanna Financial Group, chip lead times have risen again, reaching 21 weeks in the last month.

This means an increase of 6 days compared to July 2021. The time span between the order of semiconductors by the companies and the delivery is getting longer. The waiting time had already reached a record 18 weeks in July. Right now, the void is the longest wait since the company started monitoring semiconductors in 2017.

Additionally, the report found that lead times for analog and Broadcom chips have also deteriorated, while chips for power management and certain optoelectronic components have seen a positive trend recently.


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