{Disarmed} Apple urgently fixes a zero-day vulnerability related to Pegasus spyware

Apple urgently fixes a 'zero-day' vulnerability related to Pegasus spyware

The NSO group's spyware Pegasus has been in the news since 2016 . From affecting Jeff Bezos's iPhone to being used in our country with Catalan politicians . Now from the security firm Citizen Lab they have reported a new critical vulnerability that affects iMessage called 'Forcedentry'.

Fortunately, Apple has acted quickly and the security update that corrects this vulnerability is now available urgently . From here we recommend all users to update their devices to be protected.

Filtered the magnitude of Israeli spyware Pegasus: thousands of journalists and opponents spied on by governments around the world (including Spain) In xiaomist.com Filtered the magnitude of Israeli spyware Pegasus: thousands of journalists and opponents spied on by governments around the world (including Spain)

What do we know about this vulnerability

The vulnerability targets Apple's Image Render Library and affects iOS, MacOS, and WatchOS devices .

Through this vulnerability, NSO group spyware can locate on the device undetected and potentially see all messages and listen to all calls .

This spyware falls into the category of 'zero-click remote execution', which means that attackers can install it on the device without the need for any additional interaction.

As described by Citizen Lab, they believe that this vulnerability may have been in use since February 2021 .

Under code CVE-2021-30860, the vulnerability has been described as "Processing a maliciously crafted PDF may lead to arbitrary code execution."

How to update our devices

Apple Updates

After knowing the report of the cybersecurity firm, Apple has immediately corrected this vulnerability and has sent an update. From Apple's support page it is possible to see the latest security updates. The previous one dates from August 16, 2021 and is focused on iCloud for Windows. On this occasion, all the main Apple operating systems have been updated , dated September 13.

  • iPhone or iPad : Go to Settings> General and click on software updates to download the latest versions of iOS 14.8 or iPadOS 14.8.
  • Apple Watch : The latest security update is WatchOS 7.6.2.
  • Mac : In the icon in the upper left corner, go to the 'About this Mac' option and select the latest MacOS 11.6 software update.
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