China manufacturer in crisis: first employees have to leave

China manufacturer in crisis: first employees have to leave

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo has probably taken over something. According to reports, the first employees have to take their hats after slow expansion. Oppo wants to part with 20 percent of developers - and OnePlus is also involved.

After European expansion: Oppo dismisses employees

At the Chinese manufacturer Oppo, business is actually not that bad. Nevertheless, according to media reports, it has been decided to part with some employees. One in five developers should leave Oppo, according to the plan. Even if the manufacturer has not given a reason, the layoffs are likely to have something to do with expansion into Europe, India and Southeast Asia.

Oppo is on an expansion course , which is also becoming more and more noticeable in Germany. For a long time, the brand was only known to industry experts in this country, but the aggressive marketing in particular ensures a significantly increased level of awareness. The market shares in European countries, however, still leave much to be desired. This is also due to the strong competition from Xiaomi.

In the video : The Lamborghini edition of the Oppo Find X2 Pro.

Oppo is also busy incorporating the OnePlus brand. OnePlus is to become an offshoot of Oppo, which is already noticeable in the software of OnePlus phones. Both companies belong to the BBK Electronics group and are currently merging their teams. After the merger is complete, every fifth developer in China is expected to leave the company. Outside of China, employees are unlikely to be affected by cuts (source: Bloomberg).

Oppo: Market share in Europe remains low

Oppos's market share in Europe is currently 1.6 percent ; it shares fifth place with Motorola. Business in China has also been better. The fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world has been struggling with declining sales figures here since 2017.


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