Blinkist: Knowledge app is giving away 70 titles for the federal election

Blinkist: Knowledge app is giving away 70 titles for the federal election

For the 2021 federal election, the Blinkist knowledge app will provide 70 titles on election-related topics. In 15-minute clips, users can find out about topics such as climate change, digitization, social justice and more, completely free of charge and without registration.

Blinkist: 70 titles for the federal election free of charge & without registration

Whether for university, school or for private training, the Blinkist app has non-fiction books and timeless classics on every topic. In a few minutes you will get the summary presented and you don't have to torment yourself through umpteen introductions or thanks. Because let's be honest, non-fiction and specialist books in particular tend to be very persistent and complex.

For the 2021 federal election , Blinkist is running a very special campaign designed to make it as easy as possible for users to find out about election-relevant topics. Until September 26th, a total of 70 titles are available for reading and listening free of charge in the app for iPhones or Android smartphones - without subscription or registration .

The following topics are dealt with in the 15-minute summaries :

Climate change and the environment Economic contexts The challenge of democracy, digitization, Europe and foreign policy, migration and integration, work and social justice

This is how it works:

Download the app, no registration required 70 Listen to or read free titles on the go Being able to have a say and vote with confidence

Blinkist Premium: Get a 25% discount - that's how it works

The 70 flashes for the Bundestag election are completely free and available without registration. If the knowledge app convinces you and you want to stick with it, you can get the premium subscription currently 25 percent cheaper. To receive the discount, all you have to do is follow this link, it is not necessary to enter a voucher code. The subscription then costs you only 59.99 euros in the first year (instead of 79.99 euros) or 4.99 euros per month (instead of 6.67 euros). But don't worry, you can test the app completely free of charge for 7 days and cancel at any time if you still don't like it.

How does the Blinkist Knowledge App work?

You can easily download the Blinkist app from the AppStore or Google Play and listen to it immediately after registering, but you can also listen to audio books and podcasts via laptop. The app itself contains over 4,500 audio books and shortcasts in 27 categories. In addition to German versions, there are also a number of titles in English. The app is designed very clearly. You will receive personal recommendations, the daily tip from the editors, curated lists and the most popular blinks. Of course, the app also has a watch list in which you can save all the titles that interest you. But note: Blinkist specializes in non-fiction and specialist books. You won't find novels, science fiction and other fiction here.


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