Apple Watch SE: Smartwatch is finally arriving in the future

Apple Watch SE: Smartwatch is finally arriving in the future

Even if the Apple Watch SE remains undeterred in Apple's portfolio, the manufacturer is quietly changing something in the scope of delivery of the smartwatch. Instead of USB-A, USB-C is finally being used, so the smartwatch will finally arrive in the future.

Anyone who orders the Apple Watch SE from now on will no longer receive the previous charging cable - a "puck" with a USB-A connection. Instead, the new USB-C version of the Apple Watch Series 7 is included in the package (source: MacRumors).

Apple Watch SE now with USB-C

Another, understandable step in the banishment of obsolete USA-A plugs from Apple. Every Mac has been sold with USB-C for years and since last year the iPhone has only been supplied with a USB-C to Lightning cable, intended for the respective USB-C power supply units from the manufacturer, which can be purchased separately for the iPhone and Apple Watch are.

However, the following should be noted: Even if the Apple Watch now comes with the same charging cable as the new Apple Watch 7, only the latest smartwatch model can charge faster with it (33 percent faster than the previous charging speed). Apple is changing the included cable, but not the basic technology of the Apple Watch SE.

Consequence: Two variants in the trade

This step is likely to cause confusion for customers in the next few weeks, because even if Apple itself only sells the Apple Watch SE with a USB-C charging cable, there are of course still stocks in stores (see Amazon) with the older USB- A cable . If in doubt, whoever buys should then take a very close look.

Otherwise the Apple Watch SE remains unchanged - the highlights can be seen in the video :

By the way, Apple is not that consistent with the USB-C adaptation. The scope of delivery of the Apple Watch Series 3 remains untouched and still includes the old USB-A cable . Not surprising, actually, one had already expected the oldtimer to be discontinued. The smartwatch from 2017 is certainly no longer granted a long life.


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