Apple Watch 7: Smartwatch is missing a crucial component

Apple Watch 7: Smartwatch is missing a crucial component

A "revolution" looks different, as one had actually expected from the new Apple Watch 7. But it shouldn't come to that. Even worse: The new Smartwatch is missing a crucial component - Apple has probably had even bigger problems than previously suspected.

No trace of the new flat-edged design. The iPhone manufacturer has given the Apple Watch Series 7 new displays that fill the edges much better (41 and 45 mm size), but the familiar, rather rounded design remains. But not only the exterior of the Smartwatch disappoints the angry fan base, as it now turns out, there is also a lack of innovation inside the Apple Watch 7.

Apple Watch 7 does without a new chip

Apple didn't mention a single word, neither at the keynote nor on its own website afterwards, which chip actually works inside the Apple Watch 7. Probably for good reason, because as developer Steve Troughton-Smith has now confirmed, the manufacturer is installing exactly the same chip with the S6 as in the Apple Watch Series 6 (source: Steve Troughton-Smith via 9to5Mac). Apple didn't even bother to use at least one slightly improved variant of the chip - both disappointing and surprising.

Actually, the reports in advance were clear and expected the next logical step with the Apple S7. The new chip, it was assumed, should have been a bit smaller and thus possibly left more space for the battery. But now we have to state that Apple is not installing a new chip at all.

Not a revolution, but the Apple Watch 7 is pretty to look at in the video :

Was that what the smartwatch was really meant to be?

This creates speculation. The well-known developer and 9to5Mac author Guilherme Rambo concludes that there are extensive problems in the "last minute" at Apple , quote: "The fact that it does not even receive a new model code leads me to suspect that the rumors about a redesign are correct but something went wrong at a point that could not be corrected and you had to improvise. "

Apple's strong reluctance to set a specific release date also speaks for this point. The manufacturer is currently promising a sales start "later in autumn". Ergo: Apple probably does not yet know when the Apple Watch 7 can go on sale. What worries us: In terms of calendar, autumn does not end until deep in December , it is quite possible that in the worst case scenario Apple will make us wait so long and then there will only be limited new hardware.


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