Apple iPad mini 6 and iPad (2021) presented

Apple iPad mini 6 and iPad (2021) presented

At its product event, Apple surprisingly presented new iPads: The regular 9th generation iPad (2021) is a small update to the previous year's model, while the iPad mini 6 has been significantly redesigned.

We expected new Apple Watches and iPhones, but we also got - and quite surprisingly - new iPads . The star of the event was definitely the iPad mini 6.

iPad mini 6: Small, but OMG

The design of the smallest iPad (see Apple) has been significantly revised for the 6th generation. The focus is on a more angular housing made of recycled aluminum, the larger "Liquid Retina" display with 8.3-inch diagonal and increased performance. Apple was able to expand the up to 500 nit bright display without changing the case size because the Touch ID fingerprint sensor has moved into the power button on the side. The built-in A15 chip has 40% more CPU and 80% more graphics performance compared to its predecessor from 2019. In addition, the small iPad is compatible with the 2nd generation Apple Pencil , which can be attached magnetically to the side of the device and charges there.

Same case size, more display: the new iPad mini 6

For the first time, the iPad mini, like the iPad Pro, has a USB-C socket . In this way, it can transfer data ten times as fast as its predecessor and, above all, is compatible with a wide range of peripherals , for example for transferring photos. Loudspeakers are now installed in a stereo arrangement in landscape mode.

A 12 MP camera with a true tone flash is used on the back, which can now also record 4K videos. The front is adorned with a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle front camera that supports Center Stage . This is a function thanks to which the person speaking or acting is always the focus in video conference apps, even if they are moving through the image. If several people are in the picture, the software zooms out automatically.

Expensive but good: the new iPad mini 6. (Image: Apple)

The iPad mini 6 supports the fast Wi-Fi 6 standard. A version with additional 5G connectivity and a maximum data transfer rate of 3.5 Gbit / s is also available. The colors available are space gray, rose, violet and "Polarstern" (white / gold), with Smart Folio Covers the appearance of the tablet can be further customized while protecting it at the same time. The variant in the lowest expansion stage will cost 549 euros in Germany, and the devices will be available from September 24th .

iPad mini 6: Variants and prices for the iPad mini 6 model
WiFi 64 GB iPad mini 6
WiFi 256 GB iPad mini 6
5G 64GB iPad mini 6
5G 256 GB Price 549 euros 719 euros 719 euros 889 euros

iPad (2021): Just a small update

The "mid-range" iPad without an official name addition (unofficial: iPad 2021 or 9th generation) is also receiving an update. At least externally, not so much has changed compared to the 2020 version. Dimensions and design are almost identical, and the touch ID fingerprint sensor is emblazoned on the front.

Thanks to the A13 bionic chip , the tablet (see Apple) has a contemporary level of performance. It has a 10.2-inch retina display with automatic true-tone color adjustment to the ambient light. There is an 8 MP camera on the back, the 12 MP front camera is an ultra-wide-angle module and supports Center Stage. The new iPad is also compatible with the 1st generation Apple Pencil . the tablet is available in the classic colors space gray and silver. The cheapest version with 64 GB of storage is available for 379 euros, and there will also be an LTE , but not 5G-capable version. The iPad (2021) will be available from September 24th.

iPad (2021): Variants and prices for the iPad (2021) model
WiFi 64 GB iPad (2021)
WiFi 256 GB iPad (2021)
LTE 64 GB iPad (2021)
LTE 256 GB Price 379 euros 549 euros 549 euros 689 euros


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