iPhone 13: Exciting rumors that you probably don t know yet

iPhone 13: Exciting rumors that you probably don t know yet

In just a few weeks, Apple will present us with the iPhone 13, many predictions have made the rounds, and the picture of the new Apple cell phone is complete. And yet there are a number of exciting rumors that you probably don't know yet. Are you curious?

Smaller notch, a faster Apple chip and for the Pro models there are more fluid screens with 120 Hz - everything is already known, everything is cold coffee. So shortly before the iPhone 13 was released, everything was said, but was everything heard?

Rumors about the iPhone 13: exciting, but still rather unknown

Probably not, because some rumors are exciting, but not very well known and are practically "under the radar". So it's time to remember and summarize them now at the latest (source: MacRumors).

New colors: Did you know that Apple's iPhone 13 Pro could appear in two new and, above all, elegant colors? So far, a matt black and a bronze-colored option have been mentioned. However, they should not be offered additionally, but rather replace the current versions in graphite and gold. Goodbye fat fingers: And another innovation for the expensive Pro versions, the stainless steel frame of the iPhone 12 Pro has the unpleasant property of literally attracting unsightly fingerprints. A new coating on the iPhone 13 is supposed to counteract this . A positive side effect: The durability of the stainless steel edges should also be increased, and in the end the resale value as well, according to our assessment. Beamforming microphones: We are already familiar with the so-called "beamforming" technology from the AirPods, where it already ensures better intelligibility for conversations and audio recordings. Apple may now also donate the feature directly to the iPhone.

If you have the change, you can pre-order special versions of the iPhone 13 - seen in the video - in Russia:

Apple is stepping up: with the power of stronger magnets

"Magneto" sends its regards: Basically, the integration of MagSafe into the iPhone 12 was a complete success for Apple and its customers - this is how wireless charging and more should work. However, there is still room for improvement, because the phalanx of magnets does not seem to be strong enough in every situation. Sometimes something falls off or doesn't hold up properly. An example is the "iPhone leather wallet with MagSafe", which can often come loose in your pocket. Apple now wants to improve the iPhone 13 and strengthen the magnets. At least it sounds very useful, at least if you stay away from pacemakers and similar devices. Up to the stars: camera improvements are always a part of every new generation of iPhone. It's no different with the iPhone 13, which will soon be able to automatically recognize a star-studded night sky . According to a rumor from the beginning of the year, as soon as it is pointed towards the sky, the new Apple cell phone will be able to adjust the exposure and other camera settings accordingly - you no longer have to be a professional photographer to take wonderful pictures.

Bottom line: Even apart from the larger predictions, the iPhone 13 promises to be a not so boring update. There will be certainty about the hit rate of the rumor mill in September, when Apple's new mobile phone is presented.


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