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Xiaomi will try to popularize gaming mobiles by launching more models of this type

The Redmi K40 Gaming Edition has become Xiaomi's first gaming mobile, a terminal that has not stopped accumulating sales since its launch and that will also not be the only device of this type that we will probably see throughout this year .

Likewise, Lu Weibing, CEO of Redmi, has made it public, ensuring that among his plans is to popularize gaming mobiles . To do this, Xiaomi will continue to launch new terminals for the gaming market, characterized by having an attractive price.

Although the CEO of Redmi himself has made it clear that popularizing this market will be quite a difficult task , his goal of launching new smartphones thinking about improving the gaming experience still stands.

Probably Xiaomi will launch another mobile gaming throughout this year

The statements of the CEO of Redmi make us think that we will probably see new mobile gaming throughout this 2021 . Whether through Redmi or the Mi range itself, there is no doubt that if the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition is gaining popularity, Xiaomi will take advantage of the pull to launch more models.

Xiaomi intentará popularizar los móviles gaming lanzando más modelos de este tipo. Noticias Xiaomi A
Redmi K40 Gaming Edition

In addition, although it is still early to make assumptions, it is most likely that the next mobiles that Xiaomi launches under the "gaming" category will come equipped with a Qualcomm processor in order to further improve its potential and reach all those users reluctant to acquire. a MediaTek.

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