New Haylou RS3, a smartwatch with AMOLED screen, GPS and SpO2 for less than 70 euros

Haylou, one of those brands that many of us know thanks to Xiaomi and its crowdfunding platform , has presented its new Haylou RS3, an elegant design smartwatch that adds everything you need to be a bestseller.

In detail, the new Haylou RS3 smartwatch features a 1.2-inch AMOLED screen and a resolution of 390 × 390 pixels. Its body is made of high-quality materials , which undoubtedly give it a much more premium appearance than other smartwatches of the same price.

Among the most outstanding features of this new Haylou RS3 we find a 230mAh battery capable of guaranteeing an autonomy of no less than 12 days at full functionality, that is, making use of all its features.

Nuevo Haylou RS3, un smartwatch con pantalla AMOLED, GPS y SpO2 por menos de 70 euros. Noticias Xiaomi A

But beware, not everything is there. In addition to having a very attractive design and a remarkable autonomy, the Haylou RS3 has its own GPS , in this case, provided by SONY. This also has a relatively low consumption , thus allowing you to squeeze the maximum of autonomy.

New Haylou RS3, a smartwatch with AMOLED screen, GPS and SpO2 for less than 70 euros. News Xiaomi

Beyond that, the Haylou RS3 has 17 sports modes and blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring . Likewise, it has cardiac monitoring, notification of notifications and incoming calls and of course, sleep monitoring.

Haylou RS3 price and availability

Thanks to platforms like GearBest we can now buy the new Haylou RS3 for only 67 euros if we use the promotional code " L68CF5373E553000 ". A most successful option, thanks to its quality / price ratio.

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