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How to get pictures of the stars and the Milky Way like this with your Xiaomi

Although it is surprising, the photograph that we can see on the cover in this article has been taken with a Xiaomi of less than 250 euros. This has been taken with the Redmi Note 9 Pro , precisely adjusting the different parameters that the most advanced mode of its camera allows.

Specifically, the photography has been made by Mihail Minkov , a renowned Bulgarian photographer, especially dedicated to night photography. If we access your Instagram account we can see spectacular photographs of the stars and the Milky Way , among which we find the one made with this inexpensive Xiaomi.

In order to get photographs like this, it is necessary to apply certain techniques or knowledge to the parameters offered by the Xiaomi camera application. Likewise, if the conditions are ideal, we can also do it with the automatic mode that we will detail below.

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With patience, a good location and the correct parameters we can get to photographs of the stars and the Milky Way from our Xiaomi, resulting in some of the most spectacular shots. Without further ado, let's go on to detail how to obtain them ... yes, don't forget your tripod , it will be essential for this.

How to photograph the stars and the Milky Way with your Xiaomi

Before trying to photograph the stars and the Milky Way with our Xiaomi it is essential to have a tripod . This will allow us to set longer exposure times in order to capture a greater amount of light. Likewise, it is convenient to take the photograph in a space without light pollution .

In addition, we recommend the use of the Star Walk 2 application , it is available for free on Google Play and will allow us to orient ourselves appropriately towards the area with the greatest number of constellations or where the Milky Way is located exactly.

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Once these two previous steps have been overcome, we will only have to take the photograph. For this we can follow two ways, do it manually or use the automatic mode that Xiaomi integrates in the camera of its smartphones. The latter is done as follows:

  1. Go to the MIUI Camera and access the « More « section
  2. From the latter we will start the « Long Exposure « mode.
  3. Once inside we will proceed to activate the automatic mode « Starry sky «

In this way, if we take advantage of the most suitable conditions, we will be able to capture a beautiful photograph of the starry sky . Even so, if we want to go one step further, we must use the camera's "Pro" mode using the following values:

  • F : We will place an infinite focus. For this, the camera application represents it by means of the icon of two mountains.
  • ISO : We will set an ISO value between 50/100, all depending on the amount of light and the result we want.
  • S : We will set an exposure time of around 16 seconds.

After adjusting these values, we will take several photographs adjusting a small variation of these according to the results that we obtain. In addition, it is convenient to use a remote trigger , either via a wired headset or a Bluetooth trigger.

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Likewise, if our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO allows it, we will take the photograph in RAW format . In this way then we can retouch it and edit it in a more precise way than with a JPG format.

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