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Xiaomi s new large dual-material mouse pad has been launched in China

Previously, Xiaomi introduced mouse pads with features such as wireless charging support. Today, it launched a new dual-material mouse pad at Xiaomi Mall in China that offers better ergonomics and twice the area of ​​conventional mouse pads for the price.

This ultra-large dual material mouse pad is 2 mm thick, despite having two types of PU and cork. It should be noted that PU polyurethane and cork are floating and impermeable materials.

Traditionally, cork is extracted from the bark of the oak (Quercus suber), and this seems to be the case here as well. Xiaomi claims that the cork material is made of natural European oak skin and is non-slip under the pad and will definitely last longer.

However, the PU material used on it is typically a synthetic leather and a composite material. Due to the leather texture, it is soft and the wrist that rests on it can easily slip. According to the company, this product is compatible with different temperature and humidity conditions and is resistant to abrasion, dirt, water, stains and moisture.

According to Xiaomi, you can wipe the water spilled on the mouse pad with a cloth and reset it. Apart from that, Xiaomi has improved its appearance and durability by refining materials and integrating them seamlessly like car seats.

The size of this large mouse pad is 800x400x2 mm, which means that the user receives a large mouse pad with a length of 80 cm, which should basically act as a high quality desktop mat. This product is available in two colors, black and gray. This moped has the ability to fold and flex and comes with a bag to help easy carrying.

Xiaomi has listed several different uses for this product on its official website. Accordingly, you can use it as a book base or as a screen for keyboard, mouse, etc. when reading. The mouse pad is currently available for pre-order at Xiaomi Mall for 49 yuan ($ 8).

Xiaomi's new large dual mouse pad was released in China for the first time at Xiaomist.Com . appeared.

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