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Xiaomi has funded the OCooker multifunction food processor robot

Xiaomi OCooker Environmental Chain is known for its wide range of kitchen products. The company has produced a wide range of products so far and continues to expand its style; A new innovative product recently released by Xiaomi to finance the youpin platform is the OCooker multifunction food processor robot. This product is priced at 3999 yuan (~ $ 609), but the actual price is 5999 yuan (~ $ 914).

The OCooker multifunction food processor robot can provide you with the functionality of 21 different kitchen appliances. This product can be used for frying, heating, steaming, kneading, mincing meat, crushing ice, juicing, etc.

This device can be considered as a portable smart kitchen. Its compact size makes it easy to maintain. This cooking machine can replace rice cooker, shredder, slow cooker, juicer, ice breaker, sauce maker, meat grinder, kneader, mixer, yogurt machine, fermenter, electric scale, grinder, electric steamer and other accessories. Be the kitchen.

This product is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen that allows you to select the recipe and watch the full video of how to prepare and ingredients. It also has an audio guide, automatic temperature control and timer, and you can adjust the cooking speed.

The Ocooker multifunction food processor robot is optimized for the IoT, which includes support for rich big data, optimization of instant algorithms, and online content. This device can achieve precise temperature control in a wide range from 35% to 120%, so that each food is in the right range for cooking.

High-capacity, well-designed double-layer steamer can easily accommodate three parts. It also has a high-precision weight sensor that can measure material weight with ± 1 gram error.

Xiaomi has funded the OCooker multipurpose food processor robot for the first time at the Xiaomist.Com . appeared.

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