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HTC: CEO has left the company

But that was quick. And that's not good for HTC at all. Because the CEO Yves Maitre has already left the company after less than a year.

Has the captain left the sinking ship? It seems like the CEO has quietly disembarked. Personal reasons were given for the decision. Because of "strict restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic", the top manager could not see his family living in Europe.

So now HTC co-founder Cher Wang has to take over the helm again. But what else is there to do? Actually a lot, and yet nothing. Because now the future of HTC has become even more uncertain, and HTC's future plans still have no clear structure.

HTC should actually develop and introduce smartphones, but hardly anything has happened for years. A year ago, 5G was presented as a big lifeline, but in the end, not much happened.

People tend to rely on VR, but other companies like Facebook are making life increasingly difficult for the Taiwanese. And you don't really make sales there either. So it will be exciting to see how HTC will continue.


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