The results of the eight-year exam are already available. We advise where to check them

Kids, parents: the moment has finally come. Primary school graduates can now check the results of the eight-year exam online. We advise where - because you certainly do not want to wait for a paper certificate from the school.

The eighth grade exam is very important for two reasons. First, it is more obvious: it is a condition for leaving primary school. The results of the exam, however, are also very important: they decide whether we will get to the desired secondary school or we will have to choose the one with a lower entry threshold.

The results of the eight-year exam are now available online. We indicate where.

We will know the results by going to the application available at . There, we must provide the login and password that each student received from the headquarters of his school. Results from each of the individual examination subjects will be presented.

The next step is to complete the application for admission to primary school - which graduates have until August 4. Lists of candidates qualified for the given secondary schools will be published on August 12 - on the school building and on its website. Unfortunately, this year there will be no supplementary proceedings: principals will decide about students not admitted to any of the schools.

I keep my fingers crossed for all of you. School is in my opinion the coolest time in life when one is already enough for adults to be able to explore the world of the other parties presented than parents - and so the child would not be more responsible for adult cases. May you get where you dreamed of it.

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The results of the eight-year exam are already available. We advise where to check them


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