Apple said my iPad is disposable. The Polish service dealt with the matter quickly and cheaply

Apple is on its head to prove to the world that it takes ecology seriously. Meanwhile, when I damaged my iPad, I found out that this equipment is a disposable one and I have to buy another copy.

I was less than a year old on the 3rd gen iPad Air when the screen broke - a bright spot appeared on it, which was always illuminated in white. I still had a warranty and the manufacturer's service replaced my tablet with a new one. The old one has probably been regenerated and will come back to the market one day as a "refurbished iPad", for which someone will pay a little less than for a new one.

Unfortunately, only two months after replacing the iPad in a new copy, the glass in the corner of the screen broke. I have no idea how it happened, probably hit something with my backpack that contained the tablet. I went on living with this rupture for about two months, but then things moved on quickly. More cracks, more scratches. In a few days later. Glass particles had a tendency to detach from the screen and I knew that I couldn't use this tablet any longer.

"Lord, that doesn't get fixed. Buy new "

I contacted the manufacturer's service and in response I felt as if someone had shot me in the mouth. Apple Authorized Service Centers in Poland unanimously informed that my tablet with such a defect cannot be repaired and the manufacturer only provides for a replacement at service prices. For the 3rd gen iPad Air, the cost of the service replacement starts at PLN 2,100. It increases with the capacity of the device and there is an extra charge for the LTE version - I have one, but without the equipment for repair, Apple's services did not want to provide the price I would have to pay for the replacement. Weird, but I didn't even pursue the topic.

The final price was basically irrelevant, because even PLN 2,100 for a service replacement for Apple's equipment, which normally costs PLN 2,499, does not sound good. The cost of repairing the device, by replacing it, is close to the amount the customer paid for the equipment over a year ago. I will not mention the fact that for almost a year and a half after the premiere, electronic equipment should cost less than at the time of the premiere. If only because the components are no longer the latest, and the rumors about the successor have intensified.

The whole situation bothers me a lot with the ecological image of Apple, which the company is trying so hard for. When we buy something from Apple Store, we are informed about the carbon footprint associated with the production of that product. Apple focuses on recycling old devices and green energy in its stores. There are more pro-ecological activities in the company, but they seem to be actions aimed at the public, or at best a strategy in which there are huge holes.

Because how can we talk about ecology when the one-year iPad qualifies for a total paid replacement due to a broken glass. The glass breaks, it is obvious, so the device should be designed in such a way that the breakage of the glass element allows for its easy replacement. If someone did not foresee such an eventuality, I cannot believe that taking care of the natural environment in such a company has a high priority.

My iPad Air 3 is no exception. New iPhones with glass backs are also replaced for a fee when the rear glass breaks. Replacement at the customer's expense is also offered to all who have broken the glass in the Apple Watch. This is a mockery of customers and ecology.

"Sure we fix. The courier is on his way "

Fortunately, it quickly turned out that the client was not doomed to Apple's grace. I called the iClinica service, where I found out that for only 1000 PLN you can replace a broken glass together with the screen that is just below it. Such specificity of the iPad Air 3 that the screen is glued to the front glass.

However, the cost of PLN 1,000 with about PLN 2,500, which I would probably have to pay to Apple for replacing the iPad Air 3 with LTE, is attractive. I decided to repair.

I also got in touch with Przemek, whose son damaged the Apple Watch. This smart watch according to Apple is also disposable. However, iClinica believes otherwise and saved the Apple Watch 4.

The cost of repairing a broken watch ranges between PLN 700 and PLN 900. The final price depends on whether the screen is also damaged or the glass itself.

The customer can make an appointment at the iClinica website by phone or online. Service points are located in Poznań (Ratajczaka 35), Warsaw (Warecka 9), Wrocław (Komuny Paryskiej 14A), Kraków (Nadwiślańska 11/335) and Bydgoszcz (Jana and Jędrzeja Śniadeckich 4). There are many locations, but probably not everyone is close to them. I didn't, because I'm from Bielsko-Biała. It is for such people that iClinica has prepared a shipping service for repairs - just fill out the form.

If we go to the service in person at the appointed time, the equipment will immediately be in the hands of a technician, and we will sit in a comfortable armchair, use Wi-Fi or get a newspaper to read. I was not able to experience the hospitality of the iClinica website, but on my own iPad I found out about the speed and professionalism of the technicians.

I have completed the application form. The courier showed up at my place the next day. The service repaired efficiently, and the tablet returned to me before the end of the week. It was quick action.

The iPad is safe and sound, and I missed it for a short time. iPad Air 3 in combination with a few necessary accessories (I will describe them in a separate text) is my main mobile computer. I can't work in the field without it.

* The material was created in cooperation with the iClinica company, which saved my iPad.

Apple said my iPad is disposable. The Polish service dealt with the matter quickly and cheaply


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