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Huawei: We will survive, but will not return to the United States

The USA issue seems to be over for Huawei. After the USA has practically cut Huawei off its processors, the Chinese manufacturer wants to close and relocate all of its business areas in the USA.

Andy Purdy, president of Huawei in the US, now the future of Huawei in the US expressed . And you can make it short and sweet, there are none. Huawei will withdraw from the US and look elsewhere.

One hopes that one will talk to each other again to find a solution, but one really no longer believes in it. Purdy believes the US and China should work together rather than against each other.

But the USA is probably too afraid that the advantage that the USA still enjoys will have to be given to China. Therefore, you prefer to isolate yourself from the competition and try to destroy it.

Huawei itself is now analyzing exactly how it will go on. Even with smartphones, because you don't yet know how long you can make them. And once you've put everything to the test, you will announce how it will go on.

At least not in the USA. And that will have an impact. Because many thousands of employees will now lose their jobs there. And other Chinese manufacturers will now have recognized the signs of the times and will sooner or later become independent of the USA.

And that's where the big problem for the United States is. They will probably be left behind in terms of technology and then politics will not be able to change anything, because then the United States will no longer have access to Chinese manufacturers to control them.

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