The Global version of the Xiaomi Mi Watch getting closer: your Xiaomi Wear app is certified in Europe

The new Xiaomi Mi Watch has conquered everyone for its elegant design and its multiple options that make it one of the most complete smartwatches on the market. An unrivaled smartwatch from which we now receive a new clue ahead of its Global launch .

And it seems that, as reported by Makul Sharma , the application used for synchronization with our smartphone, that is, Xiaomi Wear , has recently been certified in Europe through the EUIPO unit.

This, along with the latest statements made by Show Zi Chew , Xiaomi's chief financial officer and international president, does not imply that at least Xiaomi would continue to move ahead with the global launch of its Mi Watch.

Let's not forget, that unlike China, in Europe it is necessary that each device be certified in numerous control units before it is launched for sale. The same happens with each of its connections, that is, it is necessary to certify Bluetooth, NFC, etc.

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In summary, very good news in order to know that finally the Xiaomi Wear application will reach the international market just to know when this long-awaited smartwatch will finally be presented to the world.

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  1. Hello, I really love Xiaomi products and I really want to buy Xiaomi Mi Watch global version !!!! Tell me where can I buy this watch of the global version ???
    Thank you with love !!

  2. Hello, I love all the xiaomi products. Can you tell me if I can pay in shops in Europe with the mi watch?


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