Players took matters into their own hands and embellished the DualSense controller. Some designs are great

Yesterday evening Sony boasted a DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 console. Artistically talented players did not waste a moment creating their own designs and color variants of the new controller.

DualSense surprises with its appearance . Sony has decided to make abundant use of white, which has not been associated with PlayStation consoles for a long time. The controller looks futuristic, original and completely different than DualShocki from previous generations. It is the unusual appearance that inspired many amateur graphic designers to create their own designs for this raining.

DualSense in classic black looks very good.

Below I took for you the most interesting designs and color variations of the DualSense controller that I found on the internet . I couldn't resist adding a few memes to highlight the unexpected look of the controller. I would like to start with a raincoat clad in classic black, which I think looks great. I am convinced that such an elegant, uniformly colored version of DualSense is only a matter of time:

I also like the variants inspired by specific video games, especially those released exclusively for the PlayStation family. The project with Spider-Man looks really interesting. On the other hand, through vertical LEDs, I feel as if the DualSense spider was wearing denim dungarees. Associations with Mario are the most reasonable.

Alternative color variants are also interesting. I like the gently the metallic shades of blue and red. DualSense in such colors reminds me of the wings of some armored insect - beetle or scarab.

DualSense will debut on the market during the winter holiday season 2020, along with the PlayStation 5 console. Despite a global virus pandemic, Sony has upheld its declaration of the launch of a new video game platform this year.

Players took matters into their own hands and embellished the DualSense controller. Some designs are great


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