Apple is working on a giant change to the start screen in iOS 14. Flexible widgets discovered in the code

Widgets are nothing new for iPhone and iPad owners. However, in the current version of iOS, the place of widgets is reserved on a dedicated side screen, without the possibility of their free transfer to the initial screen. This may change with the release of iOS 14.

Every iPhone owner knows this procedure: you unlock the smartphone and then slide the screen to the right until you reach the dedicated widget section. Here and only here we can get acquainted with dedicated widgets of applications downloaded from the App Store. I often visit this place myself, browsing Google news, calendar and weather.

However, the widgets could not be dragged to the start screen. This may change in iOS 14 .

Free dragging widgets is something Android owners have known for years. Now a similar solution may appear on iPhones. In the code of the early version of iOS 14 found lines responsible for moving widgets on the start screen. The solution was technically named Avocado, and 9to5Mac editors are responsible for its discovery.

Avocado is part of the Springboard application responsible for controlling the home screen. Code analysis suggests that widgets will get similar properties to application icons - you can move them between parts of the home screen, and perhaps also delete them. At the same time, the editors of 5to9Mac emphasize that although the solution is in the code, it does not have to appear for the premiere of iOS 14. Apple engineers can opt out of flexible widgets at any time when working on a new system.

iOS 14 is also a new wallpaper selection screen.

The new settings tab will appear in the wallpaper selection tab. The iPhone user will be able to choose one of several dynamic background behaviors, choosing among such options as dark, flat or blurred. Wallpaper options are designed to help adjust the readability of the dynamic background to new, flexible widgets. The second new feature in the wallpaper tab will be the ability to group image files based on categories, such as flowers or moon and stars.

In turn, thanks to previous leaks of early iOS 14 code, we learned that Apple works, among others over the possibility of choosing a different voice for the Siri assistant, as well as receiving alerts about a potentially missing person from the Find My app.

Apple is working on a giant change to the start screen in iOS 14. Flexible widgets discovered in the code


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