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Gree is working on air purifiers against corona virus

Let's get closer to solving the coronavirus problem with an air purifier. Because the manufacturer Gree is working on an air purifier against the corona virus.

Gree had developed an air purifier to help fight viruses some time ago. Then, while the corona virus broke out in China, the company did intensive research into the fact that the air purifier can also be used against the corona viruses.

Gree is the largest air conditioner manufacturer in China and worldwide. Last year, more than 18 million air conditioning systems were manufactured for the company's own Gree brand and white label.

Antiviral air purifiers from Gree are currently available, but would have no effect against the coronavirus. The company also regrets that the air purifiers have not been "adapted" to the corona virus earlier, and that the pandemic could have been restricted more quickly.

But apparently there is a catch. Because exactly how such an air purifier works and what it costs, the Gree boss did not reveal.

However, if it did work, then using such an air purifier against the corona virus would of course make sense in medical practices, hospitals, offices and other busy shops.


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