Xiaomi postpones the presentation event of the global version of its new Xiaomi Mi 10

While yesterday the GSMA surprised us at the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress 2020 , now Xiaomi temporarily postpones its Xiaomi Mi 10 Global presentation event until further notice.

After a long meeting, the MWC 2020 organization decided to cancel the most important technological event in the world. Unfortunately, the continued expansion of the coronavirus outbreak has made it not until next year when this long-awaited event is cited by many.

Amazon , Intel or even big brands like LG or Sony had already decided to retire. Now, after having summoned us to present the Global version of the Xiaomi Mi 10, Xiaomi has had to postpone this event until further confirmation, thus delaying the arrival of the new flagship to the international market.

Xiaomi postpones the global presentation of its Xiaomi Mi 10

In detail, it has been through My Community where we have learned about this sad but necessary postponement. Let's not forget that it was planned to be at MWC 2020, this February 23, where the new Xiaomi Mi 10 will be presented to the world.

New Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, features, price, specifications and release date. Xiaomi Addicted News

As the firm has added, this presentation will be postponed for the moment until a new event or private presentation is organized in Europe. In detail, the statement published by Xiaomi has been as follows.

Meanwhile, you can read our article on the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pr o , where we detail all its features, specifications and price to change from China.

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