The coronavirus has cast a shadow on IEM 2020. Intel is giving up its participation in ... Extreme Masters

The titular sponsor of the Intel Extreme Masters is withdrawing from the finals. The company's absence at IEM 2020 is the aftermath of the coronavirus epidemic.

The coronavirus that has attacked China is taking its toll all over the world. As a result of infecting it, over a thousand people have already died, but the global economy is suffering because of it. Chinese factories are standing and endangered is premiere of the new generation of consoles . Many companies, with Apple at the forefront, are getting ready for worse financial results - they are not able to meet demand .

The production of electronics is one thing, but the issue of mass events remains. These, as we know from movies, series, comics and games about zombies, are a potential habitat for epidemics. Intel found that sending employees to this year's Intel Extreme Masters finals in Katowice is too dangerous because of the raging coronavirus in China.

Intel itself has announced the resignation of Intel from participation in the Intel Extreme Masters 2020 event.

The company is the title sponsor of the IEM competition, whose finals have been taking place in Katowice for several years, but it is not their organizer - this is what ESL does. Nevertheless, it was Intel who invited journalists to the event and he sent the message to them in this matter.

We would like to inform you that Intel has abandoned its exhibition activities during Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2020 due to concerns about the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. This decision is in line with Intel's business travel policy, according to an Intel press release

Processor manufacturer argues that this decision aims to ensure the well-being of "guests, employees, and partners around the world." However, this also means that Intel will not run "press activities" and will not exhibit the stand - the one that we have described many times in our pages .

However, this does not mean that due to the coronavirus the IEM 2020 final in Katowice has been canceled.

The tournament finals will take place - at least that's what ESL Poland spokesman Adrian Kostrzębski maintains at the moment. However, there is still a week left to the games, and a lot can happen during this time. It is also worth noting that Intel sends contradictory signals to us.

On the one hand, the company has recognized Katowice as a dangerous place for its employees, and on the other - it remains a title sponsor. What should players and fans think that nobody will discourage from participating in the event? It can be concluded that their "well-being" has less priority for Intel.

We will of course monitor the situation related to Intel Extreme Masters 2020.

It is worth mentioning that IEM 2020 is not the first such major event in Europe that takes place after the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. Next week MWC 2020 was to be held. At first, only individual companies resigned, but then the organizers canceled the event .

It should be remembered, however, that in the case of MWC 2020 we had to deal with electronics fairs, where many Chinese guests were to appear. In turn, during the Intel Extreme Masters, guests from the region will appear more often, and people living in Asia participate in this event mostly remotely.

The coronavirus has cast a shadow on IEM 2020. Intel is giving up its participation in ... Extreme Masters


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